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SkyWind NG - Sample Turbine Order

We hereby order:
1x SkyWind NG Micro Wind Turbine, 1 kW including:
         Patented aluminum rotor, RAL 7037
         Nacelle incl. generator, RAL 7016
         Preset, 1000 W, variable-speed grid inverter
         Automatic storm control system incl. dump load and brake
         Documentation and installation information kit

      Pricing: 1400.00 EUR excl. shipment

Payment accepted by PayPal or bank transfer. You will receive a detailed order confirmation after your order has been processed. This confirmation will include all necessary shipment details.


Order is binding once submitted. Order is valid after confirmation by FuSystems SkyWind GmbH only. General business terms of FuSystems SkyWind GmbH as stated in our general price list are applicable. Export documentation cost may be  added as applicable. Shipment is agreed EXW at our warehouse in Koblenz, Germany. Pricing does not include value added tax or customs duties. All orders payable on receipt of invoice and before provision of goods. Shipment of goods within 20 working days after receipt of payment. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal accepted. PayPal or banking fee must be added to the total amount. Order confirmation and invoice with detailed information may be provided by eMail shortly after receipt of order. Sample orders are only accepted from companies outside Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

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