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Wind turbines that can be used anywhere energy is needed - that has been the goal of the FuSystems SkyWind Corporation ever since it started developing the first wind turbine prototype in 2009. Since these days SkyWinds objective has been creating the most advanced micro wind turbines and delivering them to our customers world wide.

Today, after more than 2.500 rotors build, our SkyWind NG turbines can be found most anywhere on the planet. No matter if it´s a school in Chile, communication equipment in Kuwait, entire villages in Mali, cottages in Finland, shelters in Japan or houses and hangars in Germany, Canada and the United States. Our patented SkyWind turbines have become a symbol of energy independency.

What makes SkyWind turbines so special?

    1. The unique all metal construction. Especially in hot, sandy and/or salty conditions, common plastic (CRP/GRP) turbines fail quickly due to UV-radiation and abrasion.  Only the unique SkyWind metal construction can cope with these conditions for years to come.

    2. The high quality generator. Most turbines available will utilize materials like neodymium and plastics. This allows for cheap construction and lighter parts, but will not last over the years. Neodymium demagnetises above 130°C inside the turbine and plastic moulded coils quickly deform under load and temperature. Only our SkyWind generator with its heat capacity of +300°C and  100% metal construction allows continuous and reliable operation for decades.

    3. The highly competitive pricing and scalability. At prices all the way down to 1500 USD/kW including blades, nacelle, inverter, storm control system and an advanced corrosion protection, SkyWind is the most affordable turbine system available on the market.

Find many more information in our FAQ or check all the technical details on our patented SkyWind NG micro wind turbines.

By choosing SkyWind NG turbines you decide for German quality engineering and competence in your energy supply. Make your choice and contact us now or check our order form. SkyWind is always looking for new sales partners worldwide.

Projects: Private Energy Supply, 1 - 3 kW

Power supply for private homes. SkyWind NG turbines are utilized together with solar panels and a home storage systems like the TESLA Powerwall or the SONNEN Sonnenbattery. Most of our installer network in Germany is selling, planning & installing these residential systems. Owners will reduce their energy bills up to 90% for years to come.

EBZ Musterhaus

Project: Business Power Supply, 2 - 12 kW

Power supply for businesses and industrial sites. Wether used together with Diesel engines or solar panels - wind power provides an excellent completion of any off- or on-grid energy supply. Wind power will be available especially in times of bad weather when power demand naturally rises.

Mikrowindkraft Rüsselsheim

Project: Telecommunications & Research Platforms, 1 - 8 kW

Power supply for off-grid telecommunication platforms. SkyWind NG micro turbines are charging batteries together with PV panels and a Diesel backup to supply research or telecommunication platforms all over the world.

Referenz Langenhagen

Project: Off-Grid Stations And Houses, 1 - 4 kW

Power supply for battery powered holiday homes in Finland, schools in Chile or stations on the islands of Japan.

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